Nature in the City Drop New Single "The Path"
Berlin-based, Folk-Rock indie, singer/songwriter duo Nature in the City - comprised of Robin Sellin and Johannes Heger - have just dropped their brand new single The Path. I was immediately drawn to this song thanks to its beautiful and captivating guitars and melody. There's somewhat of an ethereal, feel-good vibe of the song that just got me hooked from the very first listen. If you're into Folk-tinged indie-pop music then you'll love this one.

With The Path the guys showcase their awesome storytelling abilities wrapped around a smooth and dreamy atmosphere that screams chillout/zen mood. It's one of those lazy Sunday songs that you play and let yourself be immersed with the infectious melodies and storytelling. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Robin Sellin said,
Have you ever commented on somebody’s life and realized that it’s about you? I clearly have with this song. In the final stages of the album, I took a close look at the lyrics again, before they were on tape forever. It drove me nuts for a while. Rather than about my friend, I had written a song, projecting onto him, what I saw in myself. I clearly had to change the lyrics. I was twenty-one when I packed my bags for Boston… oh, what a time THAT was. Now, you can hear the song as a story about my life, too.

I was at an open mic and I made a new friend. He was tall and blond and Swedish, with an outlandish taste in music and a weird love for Rod Stewart. He made a lasting impression.

He told me about his life. I thought, wow, this guy is going to be a funny character that you meet in your life and then he’s gone. Dropped out of medical school to come here to be a musician. We shared a taste in books and the passion for music. So he moved in with me for a while, until he found his own place. He seemed driven, staying up late and living the Berlin lifestyle. I never knew how long he was going to be staying in the city.

So I started writing ‘The Path’ about him. “When he was twenty-one he left his home, because his pockets were full and his heart was still empty” I saw him here there and everywhere. My song about him developed as he did.

Berlin is pretty cheap and so you could say, even “beggars live like ordinary men”. I also see people getting lost here pretty easy.

Though that’s not the case with this guy by the way. He keeps on hustling and doing amazing stuff. But at some point, I had to finish the song and so that’s that.