My Brothers And I Unveil New Single "Temporary Love"
Portland-based alt-pop band My Brothers And I have just unveiled their brand new single Temporary Love, taken from their upcoming EP due out on August 17th.

The guys crafted here a an awesome piece of alt-pop music with killer guitar riffs and a highly infectious chorus that got me singing along instantly. Loving David's vocals that add a touch of soul to this groovy cut. Stream it below!

Speaking about Temporary Love vocalist David Wurgler said,
Temporary Love is a song that I had the lyrics for since my days in high school. I just saw the world around me and what seemed to be a common theme was some of my friends and people I cared about were going after the wrong people. I had these few friends specifically that were really intelligent girls but just seemed to be choosing dumb guys who they knew were only after one thing. Guys that didn’t really care about them, or about having any sort of real relationship with them. Being sick of seeing that I was inspired to write those lyrics. Temporary Love. It feels like so many people chase around temporary, fleeting love and waste time when they could be looking for the real thing with someone who actually cares about them.

My Brothers And I consists of Wurgler brothers Erik (bass/vocals), David (lead vocals), and Scott (drums), along with childhood friend Jordan Roach (guitar).