Goldilox - Very Best
Canadian-born, Paris-based electro-pop artist Goldilox has just unveiled her brand new single Candy Girl and it is groovy AF! It reminds me of a Neptunes production!

Her smooth, sultry vocals flow effortlessly over the fast-paced production and just add a sexiness to the song that's impossible not to like. I really like the spoken part and the funky bassline of the song. This is not your average pop song, it is an incredibly beautiful musical experience over pop-infused funky, disco grooves. Candy Girl is one of those songs that you play before going out that gives you a confidence boost. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Goldilox said,
I wanted to do song to be sexy on, a song dance to. A "Neptunes meets Kaytranada” infused record that I can blast in my car or in the club and get everybody going. This record is about pussy power. I know plenty of badass women that aren’t afraid to be in control. I don’t believe in being a bitch.. at least not without a little wink. So Candy Girl was my way to do that, being as sweet as candy yet calling the shots because I might be sweet but I’m no sucker;)
Candy Girl follows her previous singles I Love You and Touch You Where it Hurts, all taken from her new album, Very Best, out now! Stream the project below!