Laura Jean Anderson Unveils New Single "Love You Most"
LA-based singer/songwriter and vocal powerhouse Laura Jean Anderson has just unveiled her brand new single, Love You Most, the follow up to her debut single Silence Won't Help Me Now.

This song is lush ballad and I can't get enough of it! Her vocals clearly standout in this song thanks to the smooth production that highlights her vocals. The song gives me vibes of mid 20th century music, perfect for the radio! Apart from her vocals and infectious melodies I've got to say I quite enjoy that electric guitar solo which gives an extra punch to this smooth song! Stream it below! 

Speaking about the song Laura said,
This song is about someone I loved who was with someone else. I wrote it when traveling, as my mind began spiraling down a rabbit hole of all the irrational things I would do to win them over. Though the song feels light hearted, as if happily in love, it is actually a reflection of deep heartbreak and denial. In life, I often feel like I can't spit out the words I want to say, but in song, I can do and say anything that I want, spilling out my darkest desires.
Born one of five kids in Olympia, Washington where grunge was king and liberal hippies thrived, Laura Jean was raised strictly Mormon. By her mid-teens, she rebelled -- music was her first outlet.

First honing her vocal skill in church choirs through childhood, a bronchitis-riden audition led to a chance acceptance to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and Laura Jean moved to California to study classical voice.

Through the years, she's made her way working odd jobs, busking, living in an artist compound, and playing live in any capacity. She's also done various forms of farm work in South America as well as berry farming in Washington state.

After a break from school involving farm work in South America, found love and subsequent heartbreak, berry farming in Washington state, and residing in a hippie commune, Laura Jean moved back to L.A. to finish school at CalArts. Since then, she's lived in various artist compounds on L.A.'s east side throwing pop-up house shows, always surrounded by musicians, always performing.