Caspar Leopard Unveils Stop-Motion Video For "Is This Real?"
Multi-talented, London based composer, producer and filmmaker Caspar Leopard has just unveiled the stunning stop-motion visuals for his soothing new single Is This Real?. Loving the synths, hypnotic guitars and his saturated and dislocated vocals give the song a surreal vibe to it.

The video is a collaboration between Leopard and ex-Ardmann animator/director Stefano Cassini (Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromet, Time Burton's 'Corpse Bride'). Set in a vast desert landscape, the surreal film follows a solitary creature's journey trying to find form and meaning in a big and lonely world. Watch it below!

Speaking about the collaboration Caspar said
We had both been wanting to make a film together for a while but were waiting for the right project. When I wrote 'Is This Real?' it occurred to me that stop-motion animation would be the perfect medium to explore the songs theme of questioning reality.