Jordan Mackampa releases "One In the Same"

Jordan Mackampa releases "One In the Same"
Morning guys! I've got a soulful treat for you! Coventry raised singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa has just unveiled his brand new single One In The Same. I'm loving Jordan's vocals here, super soulful and the upbeat melody just makes me want to sing along. Though it's an upbeat track the song has quite a powerful message about how we interact with people in this modern day of technology where we are all connected electronically but we're all getting more distant from each other physically. Stream it below!

Speaking on the track, Jordan said,
This song represents modern day communication between people, whether it's a friendship or something more intimate. We take for granted how easily we can text, FaceTime or even call a friend/loved one, which I believe has affected the way we talk to one another. Being in a long distance relationship myself, it is very easy to say you'’re doing fine over the phone, in comparison to having a chat face to face with my girlfriend and talking about how you’re genuinely feeling — there is a lot to be misunderstood through a phone call, and there’s even more than can be misinterpreted through a lack of human interaction. We are all connected electronically, yet distant from each other somewhat physically & emotionally. I tried to incorporate how much of our “online personas” consume our day to day lives, because no matter where we are in the world, everyone sees the same black screen when their phone dies and it’s only our reflections staring back at us, leaving us all a little bit lonely. 
I'm loving his sound. He creates a mix of folk and soul with uplifing melodies that are very easy to listen to. Jordan's music is the combination of his Congolese roots and midlands upbringing. His soul-soaked music is inspired by the stories and sounds of the places he has lived over the years. It is also inspired by his mother's musical taste of great soul singers such as Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers.”

‘One In The Same’ was co written by Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Matt Ingram and produced by Cam Blackwood.
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