Heartracer Unveil New Single "All At Once"

Heartracer Unveil New Single "All At Once"
Time for some heavenly synthpop music! US alternative/electro pop band Heartracer have just unveiled their brand new single All At Once and I am in LOVE with it! If you're into synthpop then you're in for a treat. 

All At Once is an incredibly catchy piece of pop with 80's-inspired synth works, groovy gutar riffs, heartfelt vocals and lyrics and an overall anthemic vibe to it. I just feel like dancing and singing along with them (though I should just stick with nodding my head while I type this). This is synthpop gold!! Stream this gem below!

If you are into acts such as The 1975 and The Killers then you will love Heartracer. All At Once was produced by Andrew Lappin who has worked with Passion Pit, M83, and St. Lucia.

Heartracer consists of Chris Cosby (keyboards/lead vocals), Chip Cosby (guitar/vocals), Bryan Reyes (drums), and Wes Tatum (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals).
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