Yolanda Be Cool team up with Kwanzaa Posse for new single ‘Musika’

Yolanda Be Cool team up with Kwanzaa Posse for new single ‘Musika’
Yolanda Be Cool are back with a gorgeous new single called Musika, featuring African production duo Kwanza Posse.

In true Yolanda Be Cool style the boys have expertly transformed the 1993 tribal infused record Musika by the African production duo Kwanzaa Posse into a modern-day, deep-house club beat. In turn, creating an insanely snappy track with the grooviest hook to come out of 2018 so far. I'm madly in love with this one guys. I just feel like dancing! Stream it below!

Talking about Musika, Yolanda Be Cool explain,
We've been fans of Kwanzaa Posse for years and were stoked to be able to collab with them on Musika. With this song, we wanted to combine everything we love of the underground house scene with the epically catchy vocals from the Posse and throw in some musical hooks of our own to create something special, a song that could work on a huge festival stage but also a small little club.
Catch Musika in clubs and festivals across the globe, out today via Sweat It Out.
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