Social Media Influencer Faisal Shafique Sets His Sights On Music

Faisal Shafique
Social media influencer Faisal Shafique is known for his entrepreneurship and innovative thinking which has allowed him to get an out reach of millions of followers throughout his social media company @fact.

His forward thinking and business savvy granted him the opportunity to find gaps in the market, and ways to capitalize them. 

It all started when he was introduced to Instagram (at the early stages of the platform) by one of his colleagues and after a short while, and lots of research, he grew his social following by posting interesting facts on his page. His hunch that Instagram was an opportunity paid off as he kept investing in the social media app and exponentially grew his followers throughout a series of pages that have millions of followers each. Some of my favourites are @smh, @EPIC, and @crafts.ig (I'm a sucker for memes and funny quotes).

Faisal invested a lot of his money in Instagram, sometimes spending his entire paycheck and maxing out his credit cards. But all paid off in the end. By creating content and sharing it on other pages and paying people to post his content, he soon managed to no longer having the need to spend money on growing his site.

Before too long, Faisal’s network expanded and his investments started making a profit, as he has been invited to promote companies such as Mobile Strike, Fashion Nova, Game Of War, Fit Tea, and so on, helping them get sales through his social media network, which now spans more than 25 million followers spread over various pages on social media.

Faisal Shafique
So what's next for the social media influencer? He is now setting his sights on the music industry. He has a passion for music and now whats to share it with his online following. Faisal is currently working on his first project which is looking to be a single to come out in the near future, followed by an EP 6 months after the single's release. It's still the early stages of the project but I can't wait to check out what he has in store for us.

Born in Pakistan, Faisal Shafique moved to the US at the age of 15 with his parents. At that point he couldn't speak English but with hard work and study he soon developed the communication skills which have allowed him to get where he is today.

His parents expected him to become a doctor, like many others in his family, and strongly objected his social media investments. Undeterred by all that he followed his instinct and is now a successful entrepreneur with a huge social media following.
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