Sínai releases debut single "Race Horse"

Sínai, an Oslo-born, London-bred singer and songwriter with Eritrean and Ethiopian roots, has just released her debut single Race Horse. This is a super infectious playful pop track part of a double a-side release that see’s her simultaneously release 80’s inspired single ‘Drive’. Listen to the songs below!

Speaking about Race Horse Sinai explains,
Race horse is a playful song about the beginning of a relationship, basically saying let’s just take the jump. Race Horse almost wrote itself, it was just a fun light-hearted day in the studio.”
The 80s-inspired ‘Drive’ is a song about realising how much someone meant to you once they are gone, and thinking if you could reverse it all, would you. Sínai explains:
Drive is basically the ‘What If’ moments in life”.
After having studied in Wolverhampton, she moved back to her home town of London at the age of 19 to pursue a career as a songwriter for other artists, and an artist in her own right.

A strong background in songwriting, Sínai has worked with artists including Jacob Banks and Norwegian newcomer Fanny Andersen. She most recently co-wrote Arlissa and Jonas Blue’s new hit single ‘Hearts Ain’'t Gonna Lie’.

As a fully independent artist and creative, Sínai is sure to be found in the driver’s seat of her career: she writes and co-produces her own songs, creates her own artworks and is her own creative director.

With a string of powerful songs geared up for release in 2018, Sínai is set to become your new favourite artist.
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