Stephen Returns with "Play Me Like A Violin" & "Stay"

Virginia born artist Stephen returns with his newest solo records in Play Me Like A Violin and Stay, his debuts on Monstercat. These are beautiful pieces of electronic music with pop sensibilities that will get you hooked and dancing. Stephen has poured his heart into these records and you can stream them below!

Speaking about the songs Stephen said,

I wrote "Play Me Like a Violin" and "Stay" while recovering from Lyme Disease. At the time, all I wanted was to escape my symptoms and be myself again. Now, I don’t condone habitual drug use, but after months of not being able to do anything but rest, I was desperate for something more. "Play Me Like a Violin" tells the story of taking ecstasy in a club in D.C. with the intention to remember who I was. The girl in the song is actually a personification of the high. She allowed me to breathe again, to look at myself and say 'I love you. Even the sick you.' The memories of those feelings really helped me get through the following months.

"Stay" was written a few weeks later. I met Lindsey in a coffee shop. We kinda fell in love at first sight. We went out that night, and spent almost every day after that together. I was living with my parents in Virginia at the time, but we both knew that once I was better, I would have to go back to LA. The temporariness made it that much more special. We were in her kitchen one morning and she just kept saying “All I wanna do is stay.” I was like, “can I record you saying that?” That night she came over, and I built the whole song around that. Lindsey is featured on it, and no matter how far apart we are, everything we experienced together is always with me.
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