RIVVRS Unveils New Single “Don’t Wanna Know”

RIVVRS has released his new single, Don’t Wanna Know, the second offering from his upcoming album, Cosmic Dream. The song brings out the best in RIVVRS’ raw and honest songwriting to shed light on the time apart in a relationship. I'm in love with his raspy vocals and the bluesy melodies that makes this a beautifully dark record. Stream it below!

The song, produced by Joshua James and Brandon Zahursky, features members of Utah based band, Uncle Reno (Isaac Russell, bass guitar and Ronnie Strauss, drums), as well as Evan Coulombe on electric guitar. Speaking about the song RIVVRS says,
When I was making music in high school, I discovered a pocket of singer/songwriters on Myspace from a small town called Provo, Utah. Among those songwriters were artists named Joshua James and Isaac Russell, and when I discovered their music I immediately became a big fan. This single is the first song being released from sessions with Joshua and I couldn't be more excited to share it.
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