Kindo Drop New Single "Return To Me"

Prog/pop/rockers, Kindo, have released their brand new single Return To Me. This is their first release in over four years and is off their new album Happy However After. Along with their new release, the band which was previously known as The Reign of Kindo, officially changed their name to Kindo. Stream it below!

Return To Me mixes several genres of music, while staying true to the band’s core sound. It starts off calm with a rhythmic piano melody then picks up to a sophisticated jazz influenced bass sound with a drum beat that make up a more layered melody. The band sticks to its roots by having a slightly heavier guitar riff that channels their progressive rock sound. The vocals are soothing and harmonic while tying together the calming feeling the track gives off along with the meaningful lyrics about heartbreak and hopelessness.
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