Joel James
Melbourne-based artist Joel James has just unveiled his brand new single, Adorn Above, set to come out on January 19th via The A&R Department. 

Adorn Above is a battlecry in the form of a rock orchestral sound. Joel James lands his delicate poetry in between the whaling sounds of triumph. The track illustrates rejection being a societal norm but shows the urge to keep fighting, while having an endless desire to come out on top. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Joel said,
‘Been torn apart a thousand times, but now there’s more of me to see’ - When I wrote that line, the song made sense. It’s such a bad ass statement, so much attitude. I believe that anyone who is used to rejection, no matter the industry they are in, will live and breath those lyrics.
The song was written, recorded, produced and mastered in Joel’s childhood bedroom by himself. That’s how all his releases are created.

While Joel is laying the foundations of what looks like a solid career, he continues to raise the bar with every release, always experimenting with new colours of music and building the world he dreams of.