Jack Grace
Australian electronic soul artist Jack Grace returns for his first offering of the new year with the emotional row me home.

A clinic in stripped back delivery, row me home is soaked in emotion. Grace laments about his inability to find his way back to where he belongs, that place of comfort and safety. ‘row me home’ speaks to the struggles lovers experience when trying to sustain a healthy relationship, whilst being worlds apart. Stream it below!

Loving how delicate the song is, made up only of Jack’s fragile vocal, piano and haunting cries. Deliberately stopping you in your tracks, the song’s nostalgic tones encourage the listener to draw on their own personal struggles, adding a second emotive wave to Grace’s masterful songcraft.
As the third release off Grace’s forthcoming IF I TREMBLE EP, row me home is another beacon of heartfelt songwriting as well as a vivid insight into the sombre and authentic roads he’ll lead us down when the EP is released in full early this year.