Corniglia Unveil New Single "Strange Desires"

Australian pyschedelic duo Corniglia have just unveiled their brand new single Strange Desires, taken from their self-titled debut album out now. Awesome song with infectious guitar textures and ethereal-like vocals. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single Matt said,
It's a song written in two parts. Most of the lyrics were written about 4 or 5 years ago. Looking back, it was mostly about a general sense of feeling lonely or not fitting in. It was revisited and finished off recently, where I view it differently now. Most people probably feel like they don't fit in at some point. Everyone is a lot more similar, working through the same problems and insecurities. I feel the song is more about growing up now.
Their debut album consists of ethereal songs, tinged with a melancholia that somehow coexists with a feeling of transcendence. The gauze-y hooks in the guitar textures blend with Matt and Chloe's voice and bring a feeling of compassion to the bleak themes of the songs. Stream the album below!

Corniglia is an ethereal, psychedelic duo project from Perth, Australia, comprising Chloe and Matt. Matt, the primary songwriter, works as a physio, where he is privy to the sort of deep self-reflection that people seldom share openly and honestly. He listens to confidences regarding the most fundamental aspects of health, life and the passage of time. In these profound circumstances, to his surprise, some are at peace, but many more are not — the time has gone too quickly, they are not ready, it was not enough and they want more. Matt listens and gives them care.

Chloe lends her artistic strength, as well as her voice to the band. She was raised to adolescence in Italy, before moving to Australia and continuing her creative studies.

Corniglia is a respite from and a reflection on the very peculiar world of Matt and Chloe. The two do not just write and record all of the music but also make all of the art and all of the videos for the project. It is an endeavour that is entirely DIY, with all of the artistic output, naturally with the help of family and friends who help them realise their vision, made by Matt and Chloe at the home they share.
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