Christopher Port Lends An Otherworldly Touch To Jack Grace’s ‘us’
Australian artist Jack Grace is riding high on the meditative sounds of new single us. The intimate track has been given an expansive reimagining by one of Australia’s brightest hopes in Christopher Port.

Christopher Port's reworking of the track takes Jack Grace's falsetto tone and forward-thinking instrumental and somehow pushes it further into the future - pitching vocals expertly and creating space with layered instrumental elements. This space finally gives way to a subtle crescendo, employing a throbbing distorted bassline that anchors Jack Grace’s yearning vocal amongst a bed of underlying percussion, creating a sparseness that creeps up on the listener without warning. Listen to it below!

Christopher Port’s rework of us is a track that is unpredictable, yet maintains a contemplative R&B atmosphere. While not the first time their minds have met over music, the track more than fulfils expectations at the prospect of a collaboration from two of Australia’s most intriguing exports and only excites further at the possibilities of Jack Grace’s forthcoming EP Before I Tremble, coming early next year.