Tarantina releases new single ‘Fables’
Self-taught singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and videographer Tarantina has released her brand new single Fables. The single is accompanied by a truly captivating self-produced stop-motion video that brings the haunting and eerie track to life. Watch it below!

Speaking about Fables, Tarantina explains,
Fables is about the lies we tell ourselves; the blinkers we wear to protect us from what we'd rather ignore. I wrote Fables mid flight at high speed after jumping headfirst into a relationship that I knew wasn't going to end well. (From the video, you can probably tell how that one turned out). The video combines stop motion animation and film and was shot in my bedroom.
Fables is the second track to be released from her forthcoming Teething EP which will be released later in 2017 and the follow-up to introductory single 1/9 .

Tarantina is a self-taught singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and videographer who creates dark polished pop within the confines of her home studio.

Tarantina blends fine art processes and pop culture with a DIY aesthetic to make accompanying videos akin to moving pieces of audiovisual art. Raised between two juxtaposing worlds, her mother's house filled with Portishead and Leftfield (who she's been touring the world with this year as their lead vocalist), and the home of her father with Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, Tarantina is a product of these opposing influences with a staunchly avant-garde twist.