Warsaw Radio
Brighton-five piece Warsaw Radio have released their brand new single Whispers, a track showcasing the group’s unique sound foregrounded by singer-songwriter and musician Brian McNamara’s baritone vocals and violinist Nikki Bates’ rich string performances. It's this combination that makes me love this track. Stream it below!

McNamara moved to Brighton from Limerick in 2013, and it is a small moment in time in the seaside resort town that sparked the creation of the new song. He explains:
Two friends, a guy and a girl were deep in chat about the guy’s relationship.... the girl kept repeating to the guy “She doesn't want to be your bore.... just adored".... from there the song was born".
Named after The Warsaw Radio Orchestra, a group of brave musicians who kept performing during the WW2 invasion of Poland in 1939 – Warsaw Radio is a group of five remarkable musicians, who individually have worked with the likes of Sting, Cinematic Sinfonia, and Tom Odell.

With an upcoming debut album with Mercury Award-nominated producer Jag Jago (The Maccabees,Florence + The Machine) and live gig dates this coming October, the future is looking bright for the heartfelt and powerful quintet.



25th – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton
26th – Sofar Sounds, London