Vilde delivers the weaving, sophisticated study-dance of ‘Stimuli’

Australian-born, Stockholm-based alt.pop artist Thomas Savage, AKA Vilde, has just released his brand new single, the tempo-shifting, intelligent and emotive Stimuli. I'm loving the smooth production of the track. Super groovy electronics, synths and melodies! Stream it below!

Elaborating on the themes behind Stimuli, Savage explains:
Stimuli is the materialisation of a slight identity crisis combined with falling into an odd kind of love. It's a real mess, pretty weird, quite honest and fairly loaded. I love how it's such an accurate embodiment of everything I felt at that time. I couldn't make it again. I really wish I could remember how I came up with the time change from verse to chorus.

Building his debut album, the appropriately titled ‘Concoction’, piece by piece, dropping a new single each month, the ex-Kins frontman beguiles on this latest, and penultimate, effort. Glitchy electronica drums usher in a warm layering of synths, accompanied by Savage’s unique vocal style. Blindsiding pauses and tempo-shifts keep you on your toes, but relax into Vilde’s sonic creation and you’re rewarded with an invigorating combination of robotic precision and human emotional depth.

Termed ‘study-dance’, the atmospheric and sophisticated yet warm style resonates just as well with Shoreditch’s sweat-stained, beer-soaked Old Blue Last and Berlin’s painfully cool Berghain, two venues Vilde took in this July with Foreign/National.
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