Marvin Powell’s ‘Wind Before The Train’ EP out now

Time for some gorgeous folsky/acoustic music! ‘Liverpool singer-songwriter Marvin Powell has released his brand new EP Wind Before The Train’ on Skeleton Key Records. Produced by James Skelly and Rich Turvey (Blossoms, She Drew the Gun), the EP opens with the title track ‘Wind Before The Train’ , a song destined to be one of Powell'’s signature tunes with its majestic finger-picked riff and soulful, evocative vocals. I adore this song guys! I am a sucker for acoustic-guitar led tracks!

The next three tracks feature just Powell and his acoustic guitar. ‘Travelling On’ is emotionally nuanced, honest and intimate. ‘Thicker Skin’ and ‘For You’ are tender, heartfelt hymnals, both ethereal yet completely natural sounding, as Powell seeks and finds a deep connection to the music and the feeling that emanates. Stream it below!

Wind Before The Train is the follow up to Powell'’s critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Salt.

Marvin Powell has been performing his bewitching folk tunes on Liverpool’'s thriving open mic circuit since the age of 16. Now he’s come of age with this latest collection of songs where touchstones Paul Simon and Devendra Banhart are framed with a sun dappled psychedelia of his own making.

His next gig is at the Buyers Club in Liverpool on September 8th.
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