Habstrakt & Jace Mek Release New Single ‘I Wanna’

Habstrakt & Jace Mek Release New Single ‘I Wanna'
Time for some dark piece of electronic music! Habstrakt has teamed up with Jace Mek to release a sick track called I Wanna, out now on Confession. This marks Habstrakt's debut on Confession. Both producers are known for their heavy hitting and unique brand of future house, often experimenting with new sounds and styles. I Wanna is an especially dark cut, featuring a pitched and chopped vocal spliced between punishing synths and heavy percussion. Love it! Stream it below!

Habstrakt & Jace Mek's track has been a requested ID for some time, having been teased in Tchami's Confession #6 mix just 2 months back. Fans can expect further fresh cuts from Confession very soon, and can stay up to date with the imprint and both Habstrakt & Jace Mek via the socials as linked below!
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