Jason Nolan unveils new single "Don King"

Jason Nolan
Jazz flautist and electronic producer, songwriter and vocalist, Jason Nolan has unveiled his brand new single Don King taken from new EP, Late Night City Hawks, set to be released later in the year via Majestic Records. This song has some influences of the funk-disco and pop music of the late 70s mixed with modern electronics and ambient textures. Shades of acts such as Heatwave & The Bee Gees can be heard in the opening bass hook and layered strings throughout. Stream it below!

Speaking about Don King Nolan quotes:
Don King is about how it feels when things are made deliberately confusing or when there is such a circus around things, that you are encouraged to be either apathetic or cynical. I feel like currently there are groups on all sides trying there upmost to reject a forced narrative, while many are left feeling a bit useless and confused.
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