XY&O Unveil New Single ‘One More Night (Lemonade)’

XY&O Unveil New Single ‘One More Night (Lemonade)’
Welsh haze-pop trio XY&O have unveiled their brand new single One More Night (Lemonade). This is such a stunning piece of electro/pop music and is a song about the motives of those who seek out carnal pleasures and the expectations people have. Stream it below!

One More Night (Lemonade) is the opening single from their second EP Powder Rooms, set for release later this year. Speaking about the EP vocalist Skip Curtis says,
The narrative of the EP is focused on the relationships we have with one another. What we want from one another, what we need from one another and what we expect from one another.  Our lives are defined by the people we share them with and the context in which we coexist. They are defined not only by the people we are closest with but also by the seemingly insignificant fleeting meetings we have every day. Ships in the night still cause waves.
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