Susie Blue Premiere "Be A Lady" Video

Susie Blue Premiere "Be A Lady" Video
Irish 4-piece indie-rock band Susie Blue have premiered the official music video for their brand new single, Be A Lady. This is such a catchy track with some powerful lyrics. Be A Lady confronts issues of gender stereotypes within society and the video features a group of carefree children which lead singer Susan explains
I love the innocence kids have and that most of the time they just be who they are without thinking about, I want us to take some lessons from them and that's what I wanted to show with this video.

The band will be playing at Glastonbury Festival this year! Young, passionate and fuelled by their love of writing and performing music, Susie Blue consists of Susan Donaghy (lead vocals, rhythm guitar and synth) and three friends, John Goodman (drums), Caolan Moore (lead guitar) and Mark Doherty (bass).
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