PORTUGAL Wins Eurovision Song Contest 2017

PORTUGAL Wins Eurovision Song Contest 2017
OMG!! I am crying with joy!! Portugal FINALLY wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!! Salvador Sobral, our true savior, managed to win both jury and televote with his gorgeous song Amar Pelos Dois!

I thought I was going to have a heart attack while watching the results. Usually they are quite predictable but, apart from a few ones, most of were a surprise to me. I was shaking and seeing the jury vote making us number one but I was fearing the public vote. I kept saying that we weren't going to win the public vote because most people didn't understand the message. Oh boy I was wrong! It seems that Salvador was really able to convey the emotion of the song and reach the hearts all over Europe and Australia!

I am still in shock guys! We got 758 points!! I am super happy. Check out the top 10 countries below!

Eurovision 2017 Top 10:

  1. Portugal - 758 points
  2. Bulgaria - 615 points
  3. Moldova - 374 points
  4. Belgium -363 points
  5. Sweden - 344 points
  6. Italy - 334 points
  7. Romania - 282 points
  8. Hungary - 200 points
  9. Australia - 173 points
  10. Norway - 158 points

How the voting works:

The voting comes with a 50:50 split between professional juries and televoting from all 42 participants. The jury votes were decided during the Jury Final on Friday night and the televotes were decided during tonight's final! Check out the full results below!

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Full Results

I am surprised that Italy only got 6th place. It was the favourite to win for months! The hype around the song was amazing. It is the most watched Eurovision song of all times on Youtube and has a powerful message. It deserved at least 3rd place! I am still happy for them and will sure keep on listening to the song!

What about the UK? I really thought they would at least get the top 10. They did with jury but public vote was ruthless and they fell to the 15th position. Some people are claiming this is Brexit consequences. I really don't think this is true. I just feel that the UK has been "forgotten" for the past years in Eurovision and this year was tough with so many beautiful songs. Having said that, Lucie was amazing and the UK should be proud with this song and performance!

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