Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 Winners

Eurovision Song Contest 2017
The first semi-final of the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is over! And what a beauty it was!! Salvador Sobral made Portugal proud!! The silence of that venue when he was performing was priceless!! The chills!!

I've got to say I was let down by Australia a bit. Isaiah missed a couple of notes but it was still a good track. Something on Greece's song didn't sound good to me... I guess it was the harmonies.

I am THRILLED that Portugal got through to the Final. We deserve it!! I was getting anxious! I am surprised Finland didn't make it. Such beautiful song and powerful vocals. Below you can check the 10 countries that made it to the final in Alphabetical Order!

Eurovision 2017 - 1st Semi-Final Winners:

  1.     Armenia
  2.     Australia
  3.     Azerbaijan
  4.     Belgium
  5.     Cyprus
  6.     Greece
  7.     Moldova
  8.     Poland
  9.     Portugal
  10.     Sweden

My top 3:

1. Portugal - Amar Pelos Dois

2. Sweden - I Can't Go On

3. Belgium - City Lights

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