Eurovision 2017: Grand final running order

Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Hey guys! So the running order for the Grand Final 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed and I am not that happy about it. Portugal and Italy only have one song between them, Denmark, and they are both in first half. Portugal with the 11th spot may be forgotten by the time they reach the 26th song! But it's all luck, right? It's not like the performances were picked by other reasons. I feel that the UK (18th) and Bulgaria (25th) have great spots and may get a lot of votes from it.

Still hoping Portugal to do well and maybe win? Pope is coming tomorrow to Portugal, may ask for a miracle! Hehe. Check out the running order below!

Eurovision 2017 - 2nd Semi-Final Running Order:

  1.     Israel
  2.     Poland
  3.     Belarus
  4.     Austria
  5.     Armenia
  6.     The Netherlands
  7.     Moldova
  8.     Hungary
  9.     Italy
  10.     Denmark
  11.     Portugal
  12.     Azerbaijan
  13.     Croatia
  14.     Australia
  15.     Greece
  16.     Spain
  17.     Norway
  18.     United Kingdom
  19.     Cyprus
  20.     Romania
  21.     Germany
  22.     Ukraine
  23.     Belgium
  24.     Sweden
  25.     Bulgaria
  26.     France
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