Drones Club premiere video for "This House'"

Drones Club
London based collective Drones Club have just premiered their new single and an accompanying official music video to This House, taken from their new White Crocodile EP, out now on PMR Records. This song is super groovy guys! Loving the high-energy of the track! Check it out below!

Speaking about This House, Drones Club said it is,
about solidarity and love. Building something up big and bold from the ground with your brothers and sisters. A temple of equality and a fortress of individuality.

Drones Club are set to play on Brighton's Great Escape Festival on May 20th.

First formed out of the desire to reconnect people in a low-attention economy, Drones Club still favour a model that’s collaborative rather than competitive: think the conceptual hijinks of Bill Drummond, the mock-corporate organisational structures of Devo, or the situationist ideas of ZTT and transplant it onto ultra-contemporary pop song writing and production. In 2017, Drones Club are growing an inclusive, idiosyncratic world where anything is possible and anyone is welcome - put out your hands and join the club.
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