Dillon Nathaniel Releases ‘Nirvana’ EP

Dillon Nathaniel Releases ‘Nirvana’ EP
Time to dance! Dillon Nathaniel has released his brand new EP, Nirvana, out now on Confession. This 3-track project is both dark and heavy and will be a runaway hit with future house heads all around the globe. This is something I would listen during a long night out while completely drunk and just letting go to the infectious beats! My favourite track is Sly, am completely addicted to it!

The Nirvana EP begins with a slow burner in Frequent, builds quickly with a growling tune Funk With Us', and closes with Sly, an upbeat club leaning track. This release serves as Dillon Nathaniel's first solo EP release on Tchami's Confession, and will undoubtedly garner the young producer some well-deserved fans.

The Nirvana EP encapsulates both the innovative sound and emphasis on raw talent Confession is known to provide, and serves as yet another example of quality tunes from underrated artists on Tchami's imprint. Fans can expect further tracks out via Confession very soon.
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