Cadence Weapon Premieres "My Crew (Woooo)" Video

Cadence Weapon Premieres "My Crew (Woooo)" Video
Toronto-based rapper Cadence Weapon (aka Roland “Rollie” Pemberton) has premiered his stunning, futuristic video for My Crew (Woooo). Directed by Kevin Calero, and produced with the assistance of MuchFACT, the piece was shot in Montreal, and reflects Cadence’s experiences living in the city with a fresh audio-visual aesthetic. Check it out below.

Speaking about the video Cadence says,
When we first started working on this video, Kevin Calero and I talked about bringing back the feeling we used to get watching those late ‘90s Hype Williams videos, particularly the Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes ones. I’ve always prided myself on having creative videos so working with someone like Kevin who shares a similarly innovative vision has been incredible. The scenes where I’m being shot into space were done with the same equipment used in the film Arrival. I was strapped up to a harness that was about 12 feet in the air and shot back with a slingshot-like device at high speed by a very chill operator dude.

Through frenetic tongue-twisting verses that call out internet trolls and Camo pant-wearing cops, My Crew (Woooo) mirrors the energy of Montreal’s underground afterhours party scene, complete with hedonistic imagery and shout outs to his crew dwelling in the various neighbourhoods of the city. Cadence describes the song as
an anthem about unapologetically being who you want to be, no matter what anybody else thinks. There’s a specific vibe to the city and the nightlife there that can sometimes be hard to articulate to those who have never been there,. I’ve tried to channel that energy with this song and I think Kevin and the cast represented that independent spirit in the video perfectly.

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