Vasser shares second single "To The Wolves"

Vasser shares second single "To The Wolves"
Vasser has shared his second single To The Wolves, which is available today. This track is taken from Vasser's debut EP, A Telling End, which will follow in the coming weeks.
To The Wolves is an amazing piece of electronic music with gorgeous soundscapes, intricate electronica textures, and an overall laidback vibe. I can't believe he's only 18 years old. This is a beautiful tune. Speaking about the track Vasser says it was inspired,
by a year-long relationship that was constantly proving unequal. It's also the first track I've written in which my vocals proved to be a focal point, and where the song was based around them rather than a production-led arrangement.

To The Wolves captures that confusion and possible chaos in a transitional time for Vasser (and his peers). He started writing songs in earnest around his final exams, unsure of what lay ahead but keen to follow an artistic instinct first hinted at aged 9, when he picked up the guitar and started playing Jazz with some like-minded school friends. Half German, half British, and born to an inherently creative household - his mother is an oil painter - the family's sleepy-commuter town in Kent nonetheless offered little musical evidence of the sort of bedroom beat-makers Vasser found himself continually drawn to.
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