Tilda Allie Drops New Single "Further Than You"

Tilda Allie Drops New Single "Further Than You"
Brighton based, Swedish soulful-pop artist Tilda Allie has released her latest single Further Than You. The Benjamin James-produced tune is a great mix of RnB, soul, electronic and pop influences. Tilda Allie explains about writing Further Than You,
Writing this song was a massive step for me to be able to move away from some of the things that have been draining me for years. I came out the other end and managed to walk so much further than I ever could have imagine.

Born and raised in Västerås, Sweden, Tilda Allie moved to Brighton to carve out her music career. Once in this city, it didn’t take long for her talents to be recognised by local record label QM Records. Tilda showcases her adept ability in vocal performance by her characteristic harmonies and songwriting. Imprinted with rich jazz-influenced chords and warming arpeggios, her modern influences flutter in her dynamical output.
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