Olive Premieres ‘Changing the World’ Music Video

Independent Australian born artist Olivia Szulgowski, known as Olive, is releasing her debut single, Changing the World, on April 22nd, International Earth Day, to coincide with global consciousness about environmental sustainability for our planet and for us, the humans living on it. Following shortly after the launch of the video, Changing the World will be relaunched on a worldwide platform by Ear Science Institute Australia, for their global campaign for International Noise Awareness Day, this April 27th. 

Changing the World delivers a contemporary universal message about each of us doing our small but integral bit. No matter how small the hope, we each have within us the innocence of youth and hope that we can truly make a difference. This soulful message is powerfully portrayed in the head turning music video to be released on the same day.

Inspired by indie-pop, soul and motown, with a hint of old-skool R&B. Olive has embarked on her own original sound journey, with the essence of the late Amy Winehouse ‘Back to Black’ album, fused with modern-day indie-alt radio hits.

Upcoming Gigs

2nd of April, Barque, East Fremantle, WA
9th of April, The Margaret River Hotel, WA
12th of April, Indi Bar, Acoustic Sessions, WA
16th of April, Indi Bar, Rasta Blasta Festival, WA
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