Night Drive Premiere "Rise and Fall" Video

Night Drive Premiere "Rise and Fall" Video
Texas dark electro-pop duo Night Drive have premiered the official music video for their brand new single Rise and Fall, a single taken from their upcoming self-titled album Night Drive, out June 16th on Roll Call Records. I am in love with the 80s electro-pop vibe of the track, gorgeous synth works and the colourful and somewhat psychedelic visuals fit perfectly with the song!

Speaking about the song the duo said,
We wanted the overall sound to be a bit dreamy and distant, which relates to that feeling of your life disintegrating and slipping through your hands like smoke, being unable to hold on to it. But we also wanted an energetic intensity to it, which relates more to the feeling of rushing headlong towards an inevitable tragedy and being unable to avert it, no matter what you do or where you turn.
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