James Leonard Hewitson Unveils New Single ‘Dream Person’

James Leonard Hewitson Unveils New Single ‘Dream Person’
Hartlepool songwriter James Leonard Hewitson has unveiled his third single Dream Person, a satirical take on societal pressures to conform to someone else’s idea of the titular Dream Person. I am addicted to those guitar works and bass, infectious melody and the perfect amount of pyschedelic. This track was produced by James and Chris McManus and is out now on Enderament Records. Stream it below!

Hewitson is supporting the release of the single with a tour through April taking in London, Manchester, Newcastle and a hometown show in Hartlepool. Drawing from strong American influences such as Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and The Walkmen, Hewitson’s unique style provides a fresh take on slacker pop. The laid-back vocals coupled with lackadaisical guitars and drifting synths create an infectious groove, before distorted tones crunch in for the invigorating climax.

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