Elegant Bastard Drops "Bonjour EP" With Gaba & Martin Alix

Elegant Bastard Drops "Bonjour EP" With Gaba & Martin Alix
Hey guys! Let's dance! If there's a genre of House music I ADORE is definitely Disco House and frenchmen do it perfectly.  Here you can listen to Bonjour EP, a free EP provided by  4 French producers Gaba, LOG, Martin Alix and Spahnhattan, out now for free on Elegant Bastards. This is a brand new record label based in Paris and Shanghai and founded on a strong community, a gang, a family.
The Elegant Bastards deliver groovy, tribal, latin and funky house music. 

All 4 tracks are super funky and if you're a Disco House fan you will love it! I just feel like dancing! Gaba's N9 stands out as the funkiest tune and more recognisable disco vibe track of the package. The vocals makes it draw a wider audience! Brilliant! Another personal favourite is Get Up by Martin Alix. Loving its groovy energy! Overall the EP is a beautiful treat for House music out there and who doesn't like free music? Download/Stream it below and enjoy! 

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