Dabin Drops Debut Album ‘Two Hearts’

Dabin Drops Debut Album ‘Two Hearts’
Toronto-based producer Dabin has released is debut album Two Hearts, out now via Kannibalen Records. This is an eclectic and explorative compilation on which Dabin demonstrates his versatility as a producer and treats fans to 11 different creations, flirting with a range of musical genres and styles over the course of the LP.

My favourite tracks are title track Two Hearts, a very soothing tune which glides along on gentle instrumentals and a silky female vocal piece. Hold, featuring Daniela Andrade, is super infectious and has beautiful synth works and Daniela's vocals are super sweet and ethereal-like! Helium, featuring Lexi Norton, is such a stripped-back emotive tune with beautiful piano melody and a focus on Lexi's vocals! Worries, featuring Koda, flows beautifully! Its smooth and soothing start paired with Koda's hauntingly beautiful vocals seamlessly transitions from the melancholic introduction into a different realm with a thrilling concoction of ethereal synths, punchy percussion and electric guitar licks. Stream this album below!

Hailing from Toronto, this 24-year old producer has been taking the dance music world by storm. Amassing well over 30 million streams online over the past three years, Dabin has become renowned for his captivating productions and his mind blowing live performances. Performing with the electric guitar, drums, controllers and keyboards, Dabin reaches for the stars in every sense of his musical career, and has found his place in the world of dance music with his signature sound and infinite talent.
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