Sea Bed Drop New Single ‘Silent Song’

Sea Bed Drop New Single ‘Silent Song’
Sea Bed have just released a brand new track called ‘Silent Song. Pulsating, sparse and spine tingling, it’s the B-side to their exuberant single ‘Pretender’ that was released last month through Sound Off Sound. I adore this song guys! Speaking about the track Sea Bed explain: 
Silent Song is about the quiet insecurities and hushed vulnerability we feel when we're falling in love. The song is like a love letter than can never be sent, because the truth is too exposing and unguarded.”

Formerly a duo, Jim Corbin (Guitars & Programming) and Lizzie Massey (Vocals, Bass & Programming) have been joined by Flavia Aliverti (Percussion & Synthesizer) after she had proven to be an invaluable part of the bands live act.
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