Two Friends Drop "Out Of Love" EP

Two Friends Drop "Out Of Love" EP
Two Friends have unveiled their full three track EP, Out Of Love, released via tastemaker imprint Spinnin'. This EP includes the previously released singles Pacific Coast Highway, my favourite track which features the smooth vocals of MAX, and title track Out Of Love. The duo add a third single to the mix, Mona Lisa Eyes, which fuses elements of house and country music, illustrating the duo's versatility and willingness to incorporate new musical elements in their productions. With a playful harmonica top line, their signature 'soul house' chord progressions, and a funky bass line, Mona Lisa Eyes caps off the EP with high energy and uplifting vibes. 

A word from the guys,
So excited to present Mona Lisa Eyes, the third and final song off our Out Of Love EP. Got inspired by the phenomenon that many people swear by- that the eyes of the Mona Lisa painting seem to be looking directly at you no matter what part of the room you are standing in, and wanted to put a twist on that to describe how certain people can make you feel. After an awesome writing session, we collaborated with a dope harmonica player to give it some extra soul vibes. And boom, with that here is Mona Lisa Eyes, and together with Pacific Coast Highway and Out Of Love, we are beyond stoked to finally share our Out Of Love EP!
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