Liquid Stranger Drops "Weird & Wonderful" EP

Liquid Stranger Drops "Weird & Wonderful" EP
Liquid Stranger, The genre-bending maestro, has dropped his brand new EP: Weird & Wonderful. The entire release consists of six diverse, but equally massive tracks, which will satisfy the different appetites of Liquid Stranger's legion of loyal fans. Launch is spacey and futuristic electronica, while Who comes in banging with a barrage of melody, then it's on to SPACEBOSS, which is a very suitable name for the track's aggressive and alien-esque outerspace- bass. Meandering seamlessly between genres, Frankenskank is funky and reggae-infused, perfect for lighting up and grooving out. After the much acclaimed Hotbox, the EP rounds out with Get Well Soon (Aaron), the most melodic and mellow of the pack, adding a melancholic and yet refreshingly human element to the entire project. 

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