Julia Carlucci Unveils Debut Single ‘Take Me Down’

Julia Carlucci Unveils New Single ‘Take Me Down’
Canadian Singer/Songwriter Julia Carlucci has just released the official music video for her debut single Take Me Down, out now. This is quite an Adele-inspired track with a Rolling In The Deep-like powerful beat. The track i llustrates the inner struggle of love's uncertainty and the age-old battle of "head-versus-heart" and was produced by Cat Lewis and Andrew Kesler. This music video was directed by Merik Williams. 

Julia explains
Take Me Down is about falling for someone you know you shouldn't. It's when your head knows better but your heart is too curious to walk away. Although the lyrics are vulnerable, I always imagined the song with a strong sound and upbeat vibe, so the production needed to be just right. It needed to have that throwback feel but still punch like a contemporary pop record and I think we definitely achieved that.

Julia Carlucci is a Toronto-based, multi-talented artist. Influenced by the likes of Adele, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé, Julia is known for her powerhouse vocals, emotional delivery and electrifying presence. As a veteran of the stage, Julia has commanded the attention of audiences across North America with her dynamic personality and voice, appearing regularly alongside some of Canada's preeminent musicians.
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