Bird Unveils New Single ‘Crazy’

Bird Unveils New Single ‘Crazy’
Multi-Instrumentalist and ‘trans-genre’ singer/songwriter Bird is set to release her mesmerizing new single Crazy on April 7th. This is such an upbeat tune guys! The single opens with a heavy Motown drum loop layered with hooky vocal hums. Bird’s effortless vocals enter, supported by a distinct rhythm guitar, propelling the track into a catchy chorus laden with trademark orchestral strings, arranged and performed by Bird. It comes with remixes from Bump & Flex, Adam Turner, AM 2 PM and Damon Hess.

Bird wrote the song “for people who feel a sense of suffocation in their situation”. This is articulated through evocative lyrics that aim to strike a chord for the “voiceless, disenfranchised and fearful”. 

Crazy is taken from her forthcoming album Inside Out which Bird describes as trans-genre -  
an album of collaborations with artists, musicians and songwriters, each injecting their personality and vibe into the songs. 
The outcome is an eclectic collection of music varying from Motown influences to string-led grooves and trip-hop undertones. The album again proves that Bird is not a typical ‘pop’ artist as she straddles the boundaries of genre, hence ‘trans-genre’ feeling as an appropriate description of both artist and album.
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