Thom Worth Unveils New Single 'Oh! Lucinda'

Thom Woth Unveils New Single 'Oh! Lucinda'
South-west Londoner Thom Worth has unveiled his brand new single Oh! Lucinda! Thom delivers here a perfection of a pop tune! Loving its sugar sweet melodies, floaty slacker riffs, Worth’s falsetto, doo-wop backing, and angelic chorus-soaked guitars. Such a super infectious tune guys! I have it on constant repeat!

The composition originally began shortly after Worth returned from working abroad in 2015, and he wrote it with a view to making the most infectious song he could. Recorded live with members of London-based band The Lodgers, it was produced by Worth himself and Dan Joseph Clarke. It’s an incredibly accomplished single from the young melody maker with the sort of effortless zest for songwriting that recalls heroes like Paul McCartney and Morrissey. 


Friday 18th November: Thyme at the Tavern, Chersey
Thursday 22nd December: The Bedford, Balham
Friday 25th November: The Raven, Stamford Brook, London
Saturday 10th December, The Finsbury
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