Strong Asian Mothers Premiere 'Don't Let Go' Video

Strong Asian Mothers Premiere 'Don't Let Go' Video

Rising London based electronic trio Strong Asian Mothers have premiered the brilliant self-directed video for their new single Don't Let Go - an intriguing rework of the En Vogue classic. Speaking on the idea for the video, Strong Asian Mothers said:
Ever since its inception, the practice of glumface has been an essential part of our social manifesto. If you search the hashtag on Instagram, you'll see it's overwhelmingly populated by images of us looking glum. Endlessly false smiles in photos are overrated and sometimes it's just nice to look 'mardy'. We thought it was about time glumface made its proper mainstream debut and so we thought, "what's the simplest and cheapest way we can make glumface look most appropriately inappropriate ?" It was uniformly decided: a birthday party.

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