Retro Culture Unveils new single 'Fading'

Retro Culture Unveils new single 'Fading'
Retro Culture is the solo project of Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Connelly, aka Retro Culture, has unveiled his brand new single Fading. If you're into electronic music than this one is perfect for you. Loving the synth works and the overall 80's vibe of the track. An absolutely addictive smooth production.

Influenced by the likes of Daft Punk and The 1975, Connelly describes the inspiration for ‘Fading’ as being inspired by, 
The film Drive has played a big part in my musical inspiration recently so I guess that's where that comes from. Also I was watching Stranger Things at the time of writing Fading and it has this really amazing synth sound track. It reminded me of Drive. That 80s sound is my current obsession. Lyrically, I tend to draw from what’s going on around me or from my own life

Retro Culture will be coming over to the UK to debut live early next year.
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