PANG! Releases New Single "Cigarette"

 PANG! Releases New Single "Cigarette"
Happy Friday everybody! So good to get home after a busy day! Who's ready to dance? PANG! has released his brand new single, Cigarette, featuring Cameron Douglas. I don't smoke but I do love this particular Cigarette. Loving the acoustic guitar, those piano keys, the relaxed semi-tropical vibe of the song, and the overall feel-good atmosphere it conveys. Loving it!! Just what I needed to officially start my weekend!

The background message behind the song indicates the power of independent music and the potency of the web since the producers got inspired by one of the footages of Cameron Douglas, a guy playing acoustic sets in private houses. The Swedish duo eagerly welcomed this young and aspiring artist to their fantastic world of offbeat sounds, retouched one of his tracks and created another piece of art emphasizing the power of the virtual dimension.
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