Astronauts of Antiquity Premiere 'Future Back' Music Video

Astronauts of Antiquity Premiere 'Future Back' Music Video
Socially conscious, electro-pop group, Astronauts of Antiquity have premiered the official music video for their brand new single, Future Back. This is the second single to be lifted from their upcoming EP, Beyond The Maze. The song takes listeniers on a galactic journey through its glitchy fizzes, electronic sequences, and funky guitar grooves.

Directed by Chris Cotter and Josh Coyne, the video was filmed in an abandoned industrial park in PA which sets the grim post-nuclear scenario. We come across two pre-apocalyptic robots, Frank and Rosie who are deeply in love. As will be revealed in time, they are assistants of the Astronauts, lost in an uncertain future.  Rosie, the surviving robot, is on a mission to build a time machine that will take her into the past to prevent President Kook’s disruption.
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