Abi Hudson Unveils Debut Single 'Fragile Around You'

 Abi Hudson Unveils Debut Single 'Fragile Around You'
Seventeen-year-old independent pop starlet Abi Hudson has just unveiled her debut single ‘Fragile Around You’. This song blends acoustic roots with catchy pop and was co-written with Terry Ronald and Steve Anderson. It showcases her powerful vocals and we have a hint of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush! Abi said,
This track was one of my first co-writes and it was such a great process. It’s primarily about the nature of relationships and the feeling of vulnerability that comes with them... really falling for someone is a scary thing, it’s so easy to get hurt and a lot of it is totally out of your hands. Most people have been in this position or something similar, so people will be able to project their own experiences onto the song.

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