The Chainsmokers Unveil New Single 'All We Know' ft. Phoebe Ryan

The Chainsmokers Unveil New Single 'All We Know' ft. Phoebe Ryan
Hey guys! The Chainsmokers have unveiled their brand new single, All We Know, featuring Phoebe Ryan. Their gorgeous single, Closer, holds the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for the 6th consecutive week, and now Drew and Alex gives us new music! The song is very smooth, with a chillout vibe and retains part of the formula of their hit single Closer (if it ain't broke...). The guys said,
The song itself is about the hardships we often all face in relationships, those moments that seem like you cant possibly go any further together, but regardless you go on always sticking by your ride or die...
Drew and Phoebe's vocals mesh perfectly together and we get drawn to the story they tell us here. As a fan of these guys I've got to say they are on a roll and this is yet another gem that will sure be a hit for the NYC duo. I think Drew should keep on singing their new tracks and find more ladies to sing with him! Check it out below! 

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